Tbilisi, Georgia
5 Seats
5 Bags

The car rental price includes:

Unlimited mileage
100% insurance
Free cancellation
Second driver service
Customer support 24/7
Free car delivery in the city

About the LEXUS RX400

Lexus RX400

Embark on a scenic journey across Georgia in our Lexus RX400 2006, equipped with a powerful 3.3-liter engine. This SUV offers luxury, performance, and comfort for your adventure.

The Lexus RX400 has earned a reputation as a luxurious and reliable vehicle, and in 2006, it represents a blend of style and technology. The exterior design captivates with its elegance, while the interior impresses with high-quality materials and advanced technologies.

The robust 3.3-liter engine provides vigor and smoothness of movement. This SUV is perfect for long trips, where you can enjoy a comfortable ride and innovative features throughout the journey.

Rent the Lexus RX400 2006 for an unforgettable journey, experiencing the luxury, performance, and innovative features of this SUV on the roads of Georgia.

Reviews (2 reviews)

Vladimir. S
12 Nov, 2023
Прекрасное состояние авто! Наша семья была в восторге от комфорта и безопасности этого автомобиля. Большое спасибо за качественный сервис!
Z. Manukov
28 Jan, 2024
Недавно арендовал автомобиль у этой компании на выходные, и остался очень доволен. Машина была чистой, удобной и ехала плавно. Она сделала мою поездку беззаботной, и я определенно снова воспользуюсь их услугами в будущем.